by The Darling DeMaes

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The second full-length album from Montreal indie acoustic band The Darling DeMaes.


released June 2, 2013

Written* and produced by Erik Virtanen
Recorded by Mark Lawson
Tracks 1, 4, 6, 7, 8 mixed by Arlen Thompson
Tracks 2, 3, 9 mixed by Mark Lawson
Track 5 mixed by James Finnerty
Mastered by Harris Newman

Featuring Tasha Cyr, Erik Virtanen, Marc-André Mongrain, Trevor Lashmore, Stefan Jovanovic

*Instrumental track 5 written by Marc-André Mongrain
Synth on track 5 recorded by Tom Mullins
Organ on track 6 recorded by James Finnerty



all rights reserved


The Darling DeMaes Montréal, Québec

The Darling DeMaes is a Montreal-based indie acoustic group.

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Track Name: Peter
I was lonely, you were lonely,
We were lonely when we met,
Forgotten people in the real world,
TV child of the man.

Then you loved me, so I loved you,
And we found each other’s best,
We became something in all this nothing,
Out of everything we left.

That’s alright, that’s okay,
What’s it matter anyway?
I’m your man, you’re my girl,
Now it’s us.

Early Monday, movie Tuesday,
Maybe Wednesday go for a walk,
Then on Thursday watch some TV,
Get some sleep and then wake up,
Now it’s Friday, here’s the weekend,
Call some friends or just stay in,
Back to Monday, early Monday,
Now it’s Tuesday creeping back again…

Feels off, kinda strange,
But it’s brighter than yesterday,
I was early, you were late
Now we’re on time.

It’s not our dream, it’s not our hope,
It’s not the adventure in our shows,
Film a funeral, say a speech
And it’ll be sad.

But that’s alright, that’s okay,
What’s it matter anyway?
I’m your man, you’re my girl.
Track Name: Shirley
The end is coming
And there ain’t no use in running.

We fell in love too young
I thought you were the only one
To share a sacred bond
Birds chirping a sacred song.

Evenings, we’re reading,
“Truth’s in your heart
Not in your head,”
Gold rings for lifetime.

But I had this thought again:
A new person to share a dirty bed.

So I remembered being touched
By the hand of Christ,
When happiness rained down on me.

Is a thought just a thought,
A dream, a dream
Not acted upon
Really nothing?

The end is coming
And there ain’t no use in running.
Track Name: (beat)
Track Name: Michael
On this home of stage,
Behind white curtain I wait,
Under these clothes,
Under skin and skull and brain,
Inside the cell,
Family genes,
The strings.

I was just a boy
When Father Joseph employed,
The pay was good, oh,
Benefits alright,
In exchange:
Human sacrifice.

If your heart is good,
If your nose ain’t wood,
If you give your vegetables moonlight,
Heaven knows what people cannot find.

When I woke I fell,
She died a princess in a flash!
I’m melting!
We melt in volcano fire.
Lazarus knew the right man at right time,
For every miracle
He had to die.

He got a mask and he gone loony,
A wife, a kid, ain’t it funny?
He got pets and he got giggles,
A sick kid in bed, escape into a movie with,
Yes yes yes yesyesOSOSO SOS

He walks the earth
For us.
Track Name: Mary
Love is not a game
It’s a serious thing.
Love is a choice,
Not a feeling.
A choice,
A choice.

One day these shoes
Will be roots in the ground.
One day these feet will know
Where they belong.
Where to belong.

So don’t wait,
There’s nothing left.